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Why: To organize knowledge for the creators of this world

Our work and knowledge is scattered across apps and teams. Hiding in browser tabs, living just outside our reach in the digital world. Some of us are highly organized and have built custom solutions in Notion or with meticulous folder structures. But many of us are barely staying afloat, just about getting to the things that are most urgent (with the rest haunting us in the background).

Staying organized is a lot of work. And that distracts us from what we actually love, creating.

We’re here to do something about that. We’ll take care of the organizing for you, so you can get back to creating more, building more, doing more.

What: The world’s knowledge navigator

Tidy is a single destination where you can search through your company knowledge. Collect the docs, messages and links that matter to you. ****And collaborate better, by curating all your stuff and notifications around it to one place.

Tidy is your invisible helper, always at your side. Making it easy to navigate through all your tabs, your browser history, your company apps and drive. Ready to help you find and share what matters to you.

How: Building your second brain

Tidy connects with your browser and the apps you use the most to build a detailed map of your digital world. We use all sorts of background statistics to determine what things are likely to interest you and separate what matters from what doesn’t. This lets you:

Search for any docs or people in your company that you’re looking for. And because it’s a smart search, you can look for more than just keywords or the title of your docs. Find what or who you need by topic, project, or skill.

Collect search results, or anything you want to bring to one place. Either for your future reference, or to share with colleagues and clients. With Tidy you can easily create collections of docs, notes, messages and anything else that lives in your browser. You and your team never have to go looking for that link again.

Collaborate in a new way. Tidy becomes like your shared digital office, where all the key files and updates around them can be found at a glance.

Join the waitlist!

Tidy’s quest to bring order to our chaotic digital work-lives has come to an early end. Our brilliant team has been acquired to work on a new project, making the world healthier.

But, not all is lost – we’re rooting for the other startups going after this major problem of the cloud age. Checkout Rewind AI, Oslash or Glean if you’re looking for a way out of your suffering. And please, always remember to Stay Tidy 😃