Tidy Launches

After almost a year of building, we’re very excited to launch Tidy for our first beta users. You may say, fully of curiosity, what is Tidy? Tidy is a knowledge engine – its a new type of animal that automatically organizes your company knowledge so that you can find anything that matters to you, instantly. […]

The knowledge engine

Why: To organize knowledge for the creators of this world Our work and knowledge is scattered across apps and teams. Hiding in browser tabs, living just outside our reach in the digital world. Some of us are highly organized and have built custom solutions in Notion or with meticulous folder structures. But many of us […]

Tidy Manifesto

Why knowledge? Knowledge is the most important resource in the world. Making it easily, sustainably and equitably accessible is what Tidy is about. A few companies have done a great job with publicly accessible knowledge. Google, Wikipedia, Reddit to name a few. But we are venturing into a new, unchartered world: organizing the knowledge hidden […]